See My Art ~ Surtex 2017

It’s Surtex time again and I’m so happy to say that my art is finally making it back to this premier art licensing trade show with my agent Suzanne Cruise Creative Services, Inc. Surtex, is an annual Art Licensing  trade show in New York city for Artists, Designers, Manufacturers, and Retailers. It’s now in its 32nd year! SURTEX® is the global B2B marketplace for sourcing original art & designs — where artists, art agents, licensing agencies and licensors connect with manufacturers, retailers and licensees to create products in multiple categories. Home décor and furnishings, apparel, automotive accessories, beauty, bed and bath, fabric prints, floor coverings, juvenile, giftware and novelties, stationery, tabletop, wall treatments, private label and much more. If it’s any product with a surface or textile design of any kind, there’s a good chance it originated at SURTEX.

See My Art at Surtex 2017 ~ Cruise Creative Services, booth #2909

I did my first Surtex show back in 2014, so it’s been three years since I’ve been able to get my art back into this arena to be shown to manufacturers. I loved doing the show solo and had a really great first experience. And it was a significant financial investment to do the show as an independent artist. It’s also a ton of work. Not only creating art and collections for your art licensing portfolio, but also the other elements that go into doing a trade show. Booth design and production, press kits, portfolios or blurb books, ipad presentations, business cards, post cards, video presentation, marketing, etc, etc. Not to mention the travel, hotel, cabs and meal expenses.

If you have not attended this Surtex trade show before and are thinking of getting into art licensing, I highly recommend walking the show to see it. I remember walking the show back in 2009 and it was art heaven! So many patterns and art and illustrations. I just LOVE looking at other artists’ work and seeing what they create from their imaginations! I knew back then that this was the place I wanted to be.

It’s also next door to the National Stationery Show. A trade show for greeting card manufacturers and artists looking to sell their card lines.

There is so much to see at these two trade show, I guarantee that your brain will be on visual overload after one day!