Beatrice Bunny & Meadow Friends Pattern Collection

Beatrice Bunny & Meadow Friends

I finished my new Baby / Nursery Pattern Design collection of the ALSC art Challenge last week! I’m usually down to the wire trying to finish these art challenges so it’s refreshing that I am done before the deadline. This cute little bunny character showed up and I’ve named her — Beatrice Bunny! And I’ve added her Meadow Friends to include all of the other characters in the design like the… owl, mouse, kitten, sun and birds. I Love how all of the colors came together in the palette.

I took the time to create a mock-up of Beatrice Bunny so that she looks like a fabric bunny doll. With a little Photoshop magic I though it came out pretty cool. I may actually create a pattern and get some fabric and try to sew up a sample of her. Though it’s been a few years since I’ve had my sewing machine going. I always use to love to sew and so embroidery too. Just not enough hours in the day to do all the creative things you want.

This new Beatrice Bunny & Meadow Friends pattern collection was done for the Art Licensing Show art challenge. I help to organize these art challenges on the site and I really find them so much fun to participate in. There is something about having an “assignment” to do that gets the creative juices flowing!  And I love seeing the submissions from other artists and pattern designers! So much creativity in their art and how they choose their colors.

And this pattern design art challenge will be judged by the design team at Clothworks! Getting a fabric collection licensed is one of the items on my LIST! I have a lot of pattern designs in my portfolio HERE – take a peek!

So as we approach the last couple of weeks of August… and the air is starting to turn, I’m off to see what other creative characters will show up in my next art project.


Sweet Summertime Cats

Another Surtex art licensing trade show has come and gone this past May and I’ve been  busy with the follow-up.  I’ve also been working on some Summer designs with my Happy CatZ™ and Happy DogZ™. Designs like this one showing a boy and girl cat both eating ice cream and giving each other googly eyes. You remember googly eyes don’t you?

And a few designs I’m working on with my dogs are a Jack Russell Terrier dog surfing, a Pug dog relaxing in his beach tube with his favorite summer drink. And I’m thinking of something with a Bulldog, hmmm, maybe he’s grilling?

It’s been a beautiful summer here in the Santa Fe area! I just love the smells of summer. Especially first thing in the morning when I take the dogs outside and hear all of the birds chirping… just heaven. Continue reading “Sweet Summertime Cats”