Unicorn Dreams… Looking at the Stars Makes me Dream

This Unicorn Dreams illustration came out of an Illustrated Quote Art Challenge for the Art Licensing Show. I was imagining a unicorn looking at the stars and dreaming. Which is honestly something I often do. I have always been a star-gazer… And of course the quote is from Van Gogh, who really has so many lovely quotes circulating out there in the blogosphere. Though I can’t remember if I found the quote first and then I had the image to go with it or the other way around.

I love that unicorns are such magical creatures. Which is why I gave this one some curly tendrils for hair and freckles on his face. And the color is not a bright white but more of slight off-white which has more contrast against the teal background.

Looking at the Stars always makes me Dream…  VINCENT VAN GOGH

I think that participating in art challenges or prompts like Illustration Friday are great ways to inspire you to create art. I also use to take art classes over the years to keep me creating my art and developing my style.