Coffee Wall Art Collection

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I’ve had a coffee collection on my list for awhile and finally was able to get to it.  I’m a coffee lover myself! I wanted to create some designs that were more graphic and contemporary looking.  And I always tend to have some bright colors come out in my work. I started with Java as the first design to establish the look and color palette. Then the design elements started to come into the design.  

Without my morning coffee, I’m just a dried up piece of roast goat.JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH

And obviously, from the quote above, even the Johann Sebastian Bach needed a little coffee to write all of those beautiful Brandenburg Concertos.

Coffee Wall Art Collection

I had to do that coffee collection in a series of four images. But I think I could actually keep going with this design series and add several more coffee drinks. Then it becomes a mix and match of which images you would like to put together. I think these would look great in a contemporary, colorful kitchen.

And even though I LOVE coffee, I usually only have one cup in the morning to get me going in my art studio.. The rest of the day it’s usually tea or iced tea. and water to keep my hydrated.

So what’s your favorite coffee drink? Or are you a tea person?