I Believe in Unicorns

I believe in Unicorns… do you?  I illustrated this unicorn for a nursery room wall art print, but it never made it into my Etsy shop. I actually took everything out of my shop and am rethinking the Etsy shop thing. I may add some content that is downloadable art. Still thinking about it. If I do prints again I’ve got to explore better production and shipping methods. And I’m working on getting some samples of my licensed products to sell in my shop. And just added and tweaking Woocommerce. Stay tuned!

Anyway… back to this Unicorn! These magical little creatures seem to be trending very strongly in any shape or style. Since I had started with a wall art print design, I decided that it would like kinda cool as a fabric pattern. I also love how the creams and teal colors look on the brown fabric ground. Such a whimsical pattern that I’m going to add more colorways also.

Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.

I did this Unicorn initially as an illustrated quote. Then it transitioned to kids room art and now to a fabric pattern design. Maybe I will think of some product ideas that I could mock this pattern onto.  I think patterns can really come alive when you see them mocked up on products.

Happy July… keep Cool!